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Dave Riley / "DJ Dave"

Dave heard his calling in life early on, and it sounded like dance music. Even before his first gig at 12 years old, he was collecting crates of vinyl – from ‘50s doo-wop to ‘90s underground house –and building custom DJ setups from boom boxes, turntables, and spare wires. His early mix CDs began changing hands and winning local fans.   


Before long he was one of the few teens with a professional-level DJ show, known for his encyclopedic knowledge of music and command of the dancefloor. After earning an Audio Production degree at The New England Institute of Art, Dave turned immediately to what he’d always strived for: a full-time career in music. He was soon hired at legendary XMiX Records, where to this day he serves as an intermediary between the music industry and clients worldwide. (It’s the DJ’s dream job: Name any new song, and Dave was promoting it weeks earlier.)  


All along he was scaling up his own enterprise: a full-scale DJ business built on the very best customer service. Top clubs started calling, with coverage in the Boston Phoenix and online. From his dazzling light show to earth-shaking sound system, word soon caught on throughout New England, turning a one-man business into one of The Knot’s top-billed Boston-area wedding vendors.


What sets it apart is a personal touch. Dave personally manages each and every client event, performing for most of the company’s bookings. Long before the crowds are dancing, the client experiences the very best in service: professionalism, in-depth knowledge, and the know-how to make every event a show-stopper.


When he’s not behind the decks, Dave spends his time playing with tech toys, finding new buffalo chicken dishes, and piling his family into the Jeep for a random weekend adventure.

Bobby Conlon / "DJ Bobby C."

Teacher by day, DJ by night, it’s Bobby’s lighthearted personality and ability to light up a room that have always made him a natural leader. Combined with a lifelong passion for music, you won’t find anyone who loves what they do more than this guy – and it shows.

Raised on hip hop, country, and Elvis (just to name a few), Bobby is at home in any setting – wedding reception to block party, corporate event to radio show. The type to keep things loose and spontaneous, Bobby’s adaptive style comes from years of experience in audience interaction. It was at a birthday party in 1994 when Bobby and Dave were first introduced, sparking a friendship and DJ alliance that endures to this day.

Bill Vlahos / "DJ Wild Bill"

A fixture of the Boston music scene, DJ Wild Bill is known everywhere from the radio waves to the bars and boats. Praised for his flawless mixing style, musical intuition, and ease with the audience, Bill is truly an expert in the science of rocking a party. Managing a schedule of both private function and public venue appearances, he can be spotted out and about on any given weekend, always playing the latest and greatest.

Yet another pro with a decades-long resume and industry-recognized talent, Bill’s appointment to the DJ Dave roster has allowed us to bring even more action to numerous dance floors on a single night.


Krissy & Kellie / PopIn Booths

Krissy & Kellie have known each other for more than a decade and together they created PopIn Booths (as in, ‘this party is PopIn’ or ‘Pop-In the Booth and snap a picture!’,) a locally-famed photo booth company with a presentation and product like no other!

With Krissy's skills as a master juggler and event planner, and Kellie's dedication to picture-snapping family and friends for years, the two pair perfectly while leading a team of pros who do it best.

Dave first met the PopIn crew while working a wedding together in the fall of 2018, and it took just one night of fun for everyone to agree, 'Okay, we've gotta find a way to do this more often!'

Dave first met 

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